GED Math Helpers


Hi, my name is Bill and I am a tutor. I work in the East Walnut Hills community of Cincinnati, Ohio.
This is a collection of math helpers to assist those studying to take the GED exam.

Any links followed by this symbol: PDF Doc are PDF files which can be viewed,
downloaded and/or printed using a PDF viewer/reader .

• Algebra Introduction
• Algebra
• Cartesian Coordinates
• Celsius vs Centigrade
• Circle
• Conversions
• Cubes and Cube Roots
• Decimals
• Division
• Division-Long
• Exponents
• Formulas
• Fractions
• Integer Sign Rules
• Metric Measurement

• Multiplication-Basic
• Multiplication-Long
• Order of Operations
• Percent
• Place Value Chart PDF Doc
• Ratios
• Rounding Numbers
• Scientific Notation
• Squares and Square Roots
• Slope
• Statistics
• Tables
• Time
• Whole Numbers

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